Cruise Introductions

Is Cruise Introductions suitable for me?

If you like to cruise, save money and meet new people, then yes! Everybody has different scenarios in their lives, but most like to go on a holiday. Sometimes our options are limited by external factors, such as;

  • Friends or family are unable to take holidays at the same time as you.
  • Friends or family may not have the same idea of a vacation as you.
  • Friends or family may have a different holiday budget to you.
  • You may have friends or family that expect you to do EVERYTHING with them, and your desires are often not fully taken into consideration. You go along with what they want to do, just to be nice, or avoid drama.
  • You have had the same circle of friends for a long time, and often the conversations seem to be repetitive, even boring. Whilst you appreciate their friendship, the idea of holidaying with them (yet again) seems unappealing.
  • The idea of just getting away from it all sounds good, but you want to reduce the extra expense of cruising alone.
  • You have a budget for your cruise accommodation (lets use $2000 as an example) but you now realise that $2000 will get you an inside stateroom, whereas if you shared with someone that same $2000 would have you in a suite instead.
  • You are a couple of friends that would like to reduce their cruise cost by sharing a stateroom with one or two more people.
  • You are a couple of friends that would like to, without sharing a stateroom, make new friends and go cruising together.
  • Yet another way to benefit from Cruise Introductions is to become friends with a person on your cruise, that lives in the departure / arrival port. Some people are more than happy to show off their home town to a new friend.

You could be here amongst the spectacular scenery, with a new friend and maybe saving up to half the solo cruiser's price.