Cruise Introductions

How do I save money?

Cruise Introductions has plenty of options, and which ones you use are entirely up to you.

For those that want to save money, or upgrade their stateroom whilst still spending the same amount, you can go a step further and share a stateroom with a compatible person, or people.

How much can I save by registering with Cruise Introductions and choosing to share a stateroom?

There are so many wonderful cruises to choose from these days that it’s impossible to offer a precise figure on how much you would be saving by registering with us. Just to give you an idea of the wonderful savings you could make, we have put together a few examples below.

Just look how much extra it costs to book as a single, compared to sharing, with up to three people.

*Comparison is based on pricing for an Oceanview Stateroom, on the 'Southern Caribbean' cruise, onboard Carnival Vista - which departed on Feb 11 2017.

Example #1. Mary needs a break.

Mary decides she needs a holiday, and picks a cruise as the most relaxing option. A wise choice. She mentions it to friends and family but they are all too busy to go with her. Mary still wants to go. Now with the help of Cruise Introductions, she has options.

We will use a 10 night cruise of the Western Mediterranean onboard Celebrity Equinox, sailing on 8th May 2015 as an example.

If Mary decides to book and travel alone, she is subject to the 'single supplement', which is an additional charge by the cruise lines levied on a person occupying a Stateroom alone. It is often an additional 100% of the advertised rate. You will see 'per person, based on two people per Stateroom'  on the cruise lines pricing lists.

Mary, in this 'real world' example, therefore has a choice of;

  1. An inside stateroom at $3283
  2. An outside stateroom at $4503
  3. A verandah stateroom at $5455
  4. A suite at $9752

Mary expands her options.

Mary puts her details into Cruise Introductions to find someone to share the costs of the stateroom with. Our site finds a match for her desired dates, destination and other criteria. Mary, and her new companion, Jane, now have these options.

  1. An inside stateroom at $1641 each
  2. An outside stateroom at $2252 each
  3. A Balcony stateroom at $2713 each
  4. A suite at $4875 each

With the money they have saved, Mary and Jane now have further options.

Mary and Jane live quite a long way from each other. During their messaging and live chatting on our site they decide, as they have saved so much money, they can now afford to book a Suite.

Let's have a quick look at the numbers. If both Mary and Jane had just booked their Suites without meeting on this site, they would have paid $9,752 each. Now that they are only paying $4,875 each. Happy days!

Of course they could have also chosen another accommodation category, Inside Stateroom for example, and still be only paying half of the price - $1,641 instead of the $3,283 they would have paid if they had not made contact on Cruise Introductions.

Example #2. Joe and Dimitri go on holidays.

Our next example has a couple of young guys, living in Melbourne, Australia, who will finish college at the end of the year. After years of study they are looking forward to a nice break and choose to go on a cruise. However, they are on a tight budget and find the cost of $772 each to share a stateroom is a bit more than they can manage.

They join Cruise Introductions to find two more people to share a Stateroom with, which will reduce their costs considerably. They pick the cruise that fits their needs, and put those details on their profiles. In this example we will have the P & O Australian Southern Getaway.

Joe and Dimitri are matched up with three people by Cruise Introductions, also wanting to cruise out of Melbourne on the same date. They have a couple of lengthy video chats with John, who is in Malaysia, and after some live chatting with Dianne and Tony, who both live within driving distance, they organize to meet Dianne and Tony.

They found the three people quite compatible, and invite John and Dianne to share the Stateroom with them.

Everybody is happy. Joe and Dimitri have saved $360 each, and Dianne, who would have had to pay $1234 to travel by herself, now enjoys a huge saving of $690, by registering with Cruise Introductions

Beyond wanting to see some of Australia, John didn't really have any set plans and had put 'any Australian cruise' and 'any time' in his profile. He was pleased to meet new people AND save a lot of money.

Tony was happy to make a couple of new friends in John and Dianne and, with extra funds available from sharing, was very happy to go on the same cruise in a twin share situation, with another person that matched his needs on Cruise Introductions.

Example #3 Misako wants to cruise in Europe

Whilst browsing through cruises online, from her home town in Japan, Misako came across a cruise of great appeal to her, a Scandanavia, Russia, Northern Europe cruise. She put that in her preferences on Cruise Introductions, and then did a search. Kirsten lives in Copenhagen, the departure and arrival port for that cruise, and already had her info Cruise Introductions. They messaged each other and despite a couple of amusing language differences, found themselves video chatting on Skype. They booked their stateroom together, saving thousands of dollars. Kirsten suggested to Misako that she fly to Copenhagen a few days early, so Kirsten could show her the wonders of her hometown. Misako was very happy to have that opportunity and booked her flights accordingly. They became close friends, even before setting foot on the ship. Their next adventure will be the same type of trip, in reverse. Kirsten will fly to Japan and after some time touring in Japan, they will do a Northern Asia cruise together.