Cruise Introductions

Do I have to be single, or a solo traveller, to use Cruise Introductions?

Absolutely not.
You could be a couple, or a couple of friends, that would like to meet others to cruise with. You do not have to share a stateroom either. All the choices are up to you. 

Are the people on here real? I have heard of sites that have lots of fake profiles.

Cruise Introductions will NOT create fake profiles.

We see that as a waste of your time, and ours. When you make contact, you want to be interacting with a real person, not a profile made up to boost the numbers. For clarity, we do have a few of our own profiles for testing and site maintenance.

Do I have to share a stateroom?

Not at all. It is your decision.

If saving money is not a high priority for you, but building a friendship prior to sailing, and having someone onboard to perhaps dine or participate in activities with is, then you simply make that clear in your profile.

If I am just looking for someone to be friends, or share costs, with why are there questions about my height, weight, eye colour, religion and the like?

Answering the questions under 'Optional Information' is your choice. The questions are there to provide some extra details for members that are;

a) would like to cruise with a person from a specific employment group, age group, cultural group, religious group, language group, sexual orientation group, etc.

b) seeking, or open to, romance.

What is the 'Single Supplement'?

Most cruise lines quote their prices on a 'twin share', or sometimes 'triple share' or 'quad share' basis. That means the quoted price is per person, based on the number of beds in the stateroom. People choosing to occupy a stateroom on their own are usually required by the cruise line to pay a 'Single Supplement' for that privilege. It is often 100% of the quoted price, depending on the cruise line. That effectively doubles the price for a solo traveller. One of the reasons for joining Cruise Introductions is to avoid that single supplement. Click on 'Is it for me?' for further explanation.

How much will it cost me to join Cruise Introductions, find a compatible person and save a lot of money?

We are offering a free 'Introductory Special" for a limited time. In the future there will be membership fees - from as low as 28 cents a day.

Is meeting somebody on here safe?

Like all things in life, it is up to you to make the final decision about the person or people you share your vacation or stateroom with.

With our messaging and live chat options you should be able to get to know each other reasonably well before either booking or sailing.

We also have included the facility for you to use Skype for voice or video calls with a fellow member directly from our site.

Can I find romance on Cruise Introductions?

Of course! It is up to the individual what type of relationship they are looking for. Some might be only looking to save money and not really spend much time with the person they share with. Others might be looking for company for the whole trip, someone to dine with, or just join in an occasional activity with. These criteria are selectable in both your profile and searches. Members can elaborate on their expectations in their profile.

I found someone that wants to go on the same cruise as me, but they want me to send them my money so they can book the stateroom. Should I do that?

There is no reason to do that. You organize with your selected cruise line or travel agent to pay independently for your portion of the stateroom booking.

My aunt is a widow in her 70's. She went on a cruise by herself last year but she was a bit disappointed as she was seated for dinner every night with a young family and had little in common with them. Would Cruise Introductions be suitable for her?

Most definitely. We have heard and read many stories like this. To get like-minded seniors together before booking and departure would be a relief for them. It is always nicer to head off with somebody than alone. Some seniors are used to the internet, some might need some help from family, friends or the local librarian. Either way, we have a site dedicated to them.

Our sister site has larger fonts and information tailored to the more mature members of our cruising community.

I have done a search, using my desired dates, location, age group, etc but I only get 'No results found'. What do I do?

With nearly 300 cruise ships, heading off on 10,000 cruises each year, there is a lot to pick from. If you search with less specific criteria you will have a better chance of finding someone with similar requirements. For example, you might prefer to cruise in March but February or April would be fine for you too. If you only put March in your profile and search, you could miss out on somebody that has put April, and vice versa. The same theory applies to most criteria. You might select 'inside twin share' but a person with everything else the same as you may have selected 'outside twin share'.

Use as wide a search as possible, and then narrow it down from there.

I only have computer access at work. Can I use Cruise Introductions on my cell phone?

Yes. The site is also optimized for handheld devices.

Is the information that I put into Cruise Introductions secure?

Yes. We have installed Secure Socket Layer (SSL) which you may have seen elsewhere, to keep your information safe.

We DO NOT ask for, or need, any of your financial details. Membership payments are through normal third party, trusted, online systems, such as Paypal.

We also DO NOT ask for, or need, your address, phone number or similar. Your email address is in our records but will not be shared, sold or made accessible to anyone, including other members. Your contact with other members is made through your profile.

I have seen another site similar to this one. Why?

We have five sites, which are tailored to suit like-minded people. They all feed into one database for ease of administration.


I met someone on Cruise Introductions but after a while I decided they are not the right travel partner for me. What do I do?

When using our messaging or chat facilities, we encourage direct and truthful communications at all times. Be nice, and tell them your feelings. If they persist, you can block them from your profile. As none of your contact details except your profile are visible to other members, you wont hear from them again.

Do I have to book with Cruise Introductions?

No you don't.

If you have a cruise agent, travel agent or similar that you are comfortable with then booking with them is fine. We recommend using agents accredited with CLIA - Cruise Lines International Association where possible.