Cruise Introductions


Cruise Introductions is being reborn!

A new name, new software and new options will give members a superior experience.

To be advised when the new site is ready for roll out, fill out the contact form on this page.

What is it all about?

Finding someone with similar likes and interests, to share your cruise experience with.

If it is your preference, and you want to save a lot of money, you can share a stateroom with a new friend as well.

Now you dont have to go alone!

Cruising is a wonderful way to take a vacation and see some of the world, but it can a little daunting if traveling on your own.

There are many reasons why people believe they have to travel solo. Maybe friends and family are unavailable to go with you, perhaps you’re looking to make new friends, or possibly you just want to get away from your regular life for a little while. Whatever the reason, don't you want to enjoy your vacation as much as possible - without feeling lonely?

It is much nicer to share the holiday experience with someone, as opposed to going to dinner, shows, shore excursions and the like, alone.

That's where Cruise Introductions can help!

Cruise Introductions is THE  place to meet like minded people to go on a cruise with. 

Knowing someone before you board can help to ease the anxiety of travelling alone and you also have someone to share all the wonderful experiences that cruising has to offer!

When you register with Cruise Introductions you can search profiles for a companion, with similar travel plans, values, likes and dislikes - and chat with them using our inbuilt chat feature to see if you are compatible.

This removes the 'fingers crossed' approach, where you book alone and then try to meet a friend onboard.

When using our software none of your contact details, such as email address, are visible to anybody else. The only way for someone to contact you is through our site. Of course you can provide extra details to anybody YOU chose to though.